Strike a Pose

Striking a pose! I figured yesterday that I have an obsession with things. Therefore I have the need to go over board. Back alleys aside from my materialistic items I go crazy for seem to be a “thing.” It’s a strange obsession, however, it offers for great back drops, colour and some texture. The first photo is my favourite with the graffiti and spritz of colour.  Not to mention my outfit being a little girly with some frills. Who doesn’t love a little frill. These jeans are showing up again.. Can’t help myself. They are comfortable and the perfect staple for summer. Frayed edges with my gladiator sandals. And a pop of colour/ pattern on the belt to help tie everything to together. A little hair flip to finish off the shoot.



Top –Anthropologie [Sale] | Jeans – J.Crew | Belt – J.Crew
Shoes – Aldo | Sunglasses – Aldo [ Similar]


I’m so excited I clearly can’t hide it! The nervousness of being photographed I can now laugh away.
Elated to be able to share my fashion sense and have a photographer to capture the moments. Get ready for my fashion adventure! This outfit was a mix of all things that I am obsessed with. The body suit was recently purchased from La Senza and it is the most comfortable item I own. Not to mention that it’s super sleek and I’m guilty of wearing it all the time. Oops! Jeans are pretty much a staple in my life. And for the many pairs I own these are at the top of my list. J.Crew is not only a great price point, but the quality of jean is worth it. Again, I own too many pairs of J.Crew jeans and they’re really my favourite. This gold kimono, it means the world to me as it belong to my nonna (grandmother.) She was a woman who carried great style and poise. I’m changing it up a bit, but fashion is about expression and mixing pieces together and that’s exactly what I did! ©2015 ©2015

Gold Kimono – My Nonna’s Closet | Body Suit – La Senza | Jeans – J.Crew | Shoes- Besty Johnson | Gold Chain Necklace- Aldo | Sunglasses – Aldo