I Want That

I Want That- Namesless Creative - Blogger

“I want that!”
Seems so demanding, but do you have that moment when you’ve seen something that is “trending” and you just have to have it? Or you have been glaring at that one item for a long time and finally give in to purchase it? Most of what I have in this picture pretty much sums it up. When I am about to buy an item whatever it may be, I take the time to think about it. The necklace is a great example. It was at J.Crew for a fair bit of time. I kept looking at it, trying it on. I finally gave in and bought it. Turns out I wear it all the time plus I love it and get a decent amount of complements, so great buy! The backpack just happened out of no where. I walked into Holt Renfrew (I know what you’re thinking.. I spent a fortune,) but really I snatched it up on sale! The point that I’m getting at no matter the price of an item (don’t over kill it,) look at it, think how it works with what you already have. If you’re not totally convinced, walk away. In the end if you keep thinking about it, buy it. Another trick, should you have the time see what other comparisons are out there. Fashion has plenty to offer, from the real deal to a good copy. Shopping in my eyes is an art form, when you know, you know. Trust me, it takes time, but when you really love something then it’s sold. End of story.

Necklace & Top: J.Crew (No Longer Available) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (Similar) | Key Chain Puff: Winter Luxe


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