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It’s been awhile since I have posted, but there has been some big modifications! From changing the name of my blog to where I work and not to mention my photos I have taken are being recognized.
Quick intro to my name change. It happened because I thought about why I’m blogging and the message I’m trying to send out there on the world wide web. For how much I love labels and designers, I also love the characteristics of vintage and the stories behind the clothing or accessories. Nameless Creative is to stand for what is surrounding me in terms of where I work, but also the access I have to vintage. It’s showcasing how you can put old with the new. I’m a firm believer that if you can put the two together the outfits are endless. 

Flash Back

My “Shiny Ponies” as J.Crew likes to call them have been re-posted on their website. Let’s just say that was a really big deal!
[Elsie Suede D’Orsay pumps] – Right hand corner, legs crossed. Nameless Creative

Flash Back

Who would have thought my spray painting obsession would be recognized. This beauty that I took with my IPhone can be found at the East Van Culture Crawl in the vending machines. I thought that this was awesome since I love this colour and not to mention it brightens everything up! 

Click on the photo and check out what is happening. Supporting local artist and plenty of creativity! 

Spray Paint Nameless Creative



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