Vintage + Stepford Housewife

Nameless Creative-Vintage-Dress-Classic -Garden- Fashion-Blogger- Style

Feeling like a stepford house wife much?! This dress was given to me by a close family friend. Turns out there’s a story to go along with it. However, all I know is that it came from South Africa. And it made it’s way to Vancouver, BC. What the real story is I’m not sure, but what I love is how my friends and family have helped to contribute to my blog. Since we are in the fall/winter season I wanted to show how a dress can transition from one season to the next. Layering is always key not only to stay warm in the colder months, but allows me to get creative in what I come up with. 

Didn’t know where this was going to go, but I defiantly feel like a stepford house wife. For those who know me will get a chuckle and if you don’t I hope you appreciate the creativity. 

Nameless Creative-Vintage-Dress-Classic -Garden- Fashion-Blogger- Style

Nameless Creative-Vintage-Dress-Classic -Garden- Fashion-Blogger- Style

Dress, Handbag: Vintage | Blouse, Belt: J.Crew | Necklace: Stella and Dot | Shoes: Nine West 

Hair & Makeup: Becca Randle

Photography: Russell Seeley


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